July 2018 Meetup!


The July 2018 Meetup of Columbus App Dev User Group is scheduled for July 16th from 6-8 PM @ Improving Ohio Office. Please see details below & kindly RSVP.

Accelerating Application Development with 3rd Party Libraries!

Let’s have an honest discussion about professional application development and recreational game development using Angular 2-5 and the triumphs/pitfalls of incorporating third party libraries/controls. We’ll talk about when to build a component versus when to use open source or commercial component, how to evaluate component options against one another and how to reduce risk when working with third-party code.

This will not be a code-heavy session, but one of practical experience talking about a handful of applications projects done either in a professional or recreational context. That said, there will be a few deep dives into concrete examples to illustrate some key points and techniques. We’ll focus on two project management applications and two hobbyist game projects, the different challenges of each project, and the way that third-party libraries helped (and hindered) these ultimately successful projects. Also on offer will be some cautionary tales from some less fortunate projects that helped cement these lessons learned.

This talk will highlight examples working with the following libraries as simple conceptual examples and touch upon a bunch more, like:

  • NLP Compromise
  • Ng-drag-drop
  • The Field / Wally FOV
  • HandsOnTable
  • Sortable.JS
  • Angular Material
  • Materialize CSS
  • Prime NG
  • Pixi.JS
  • Chromatism
  • Showdown
  • Kendo UI
  • Telerik UI for WPF/Silverlight

This is not a talk to learn how to program in Angular or even about how to write better code. This is a talk about learning how to do more of what matters and manage the risks/rewards when bringing on external components/libraries in any programming language.

Speaker Bio:
Matt Eland has been programming professionally for 12 years in various sectors of the Consumer Software and SaaS industries. Matt has been referred to at various points in his career as a WPF Client Expert, a XAML Specialist, a Full Stack .NET Developer, an Applications Developer and as a Lead Software Engineer.

Matt has been working with C# and .NET since its infancy in Beta 2 and Angular since the early betas of Angular 2. In addition to applications development, Matt has enjoyed dabbling in game development in various languages/ platforms since 1987, ranging from QBasic to Turbo Pascal to Direct Draw in C++ to Unity to Angular / TypeScript. You can connect with Matt as @Integerman.

Please RSVP on our Meetup site @ https://www.meetup.com/columbusappdevug/. Come join us!


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