July 2015 Meetup!!


The July 2015 Meetup of The Windows Developer User Group is scheduled for July 20th from 6PM to 8PM @ Improving Ohio Office. Please see details below & kindly RSVP.

Leveraging Azure IoT Services for Fun and Profit!

Many vendors are entering the race to provide turnkey IoT solutions, one of which is Microsoft with their recently announced Azure IoT Suite. We will talk about what IoT is (hint:  more than IP-connected lightbulbs and fitness trackers), and then take a quick look at Microsoft’s history in IoT to help set perspective on their IoT offerings. Next, we’ll dive into the Azure IoT Services that exist today and see how we can leverage them to create effective and scalable IoT solutions.  Discussion (and demo) will also cover items such as connectivity and ingestion from multiple platforms, cloud service processing, storage, analytics, and presentation.  Additionally, key items such as security, scalability and financial impacts will be discussed as well.

Speaker Bio:
Nino Benvenuti has been getting paid for making 0 and 1 do his bidding since 1996. He succumbed to the spell of mobile and embedded devices right before the turn of the century and has been challenging himself with them ever since. He got some cloud in his mobile several years ago and became hooked once he realized it was magically delicious, and has been combining the power of the cloud with mobile and embedded to help customers be successful ever since.  He has spent his entire professional career in consulting, where he has designed and built solutions across many problem domains for a diverse set of customers. Nino lives in Cincinnati, but is often found at various locations across North America helping customers realize results. Connect at @NinoB.

Please RSVP on our Meetup site @ http://www.meetup.com/windowsdevug/. Come join us!


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