March 2015 Meetup!!


The March 2015 Meetup of The Windows Developer User Group is scheduled for March 16th from 6PM to 8PM @ TechColumbus. Please see details below & kindly RSVP.

Hybrid Mobile Computing | An Overview

Decades of experience in academia, yet a youth-like curiosity in programming – that’s how Professor Reed approaches modern app development. Come learn how he built the ‘MyTeachBuddy’ app for all educators for Windows Phone devices. Oh, and the app is also hybrid and runs cross-platform on iOS and Android. Prof. Reed will share real world app development experiences and tips/tricks towards success. Also, heard about drag & drop programming? It’s a rage and is way advanced than you think. Come learn all about fun programming lessons and hybrid app development techniques. This will be fun!

Speaker Bio:
Presently, a life long resident of Grandview Heights residing with his wife Anna of nearly 44 years and 3 cute little girl dogs. He has worked in computing for big state government, big insurance and higher education for the remainder of his working tenure. He was the State of Ohio’s very first Manager of Computer Security and Auditing. For the majority of that time,  he has spent over 25 years of teaching across the entire spectrum of Computer Science topics in several Colleges and Universities–most notably–Ohio University, DeVry University and Columbus State.

Recently serving and retiring as an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology lecturing–using delivery methods of F2F, Blended and Online–at this second largest Community College in Ohio. He specializes in offering clean program coding techniques and correct program design and construction. He emphasizes sound and proven System Analysis and proper System Design Techniques by offering a huge array of computer software and computer language instruction language courses, such as, C/C++, Java, VB, Python and Haskell. He has demonstrated procedural, object-oriented programming (OOP) and Functional Programming (FP) methodologies and paradigms on either Windows or Linux platforms. He has developed Mobile Hybrid Computing Apps on Windows Phone, iOS and Android, including, the use of HTML, CSS and Javascript. And finally, he recently added Robotics and Physical Computing using native C-Language programming and demonstrated these techniques at the recent OETC Conference 2015.

His favorite catch phrase is: “…I did computing before it was popular…”, Professor Reed.

Please RSVP on our Meetup site @ Come join us!


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