February 2013 Meetup!!


The February 2013 Meetup of the The Windows Developer User Group is scheduled for February 18th from 6PM to 8PM @ TechColumbus. And we have a double-header this month! Please see details below & kindly RSVP.

Topic 1:
Single Page Windows Store Applications with XAML and C#!

Building Windows 8 Store Apps? Codebase starting to look bloated and hard to maintain? One reason may be repetition and not enough separation of concerns; may be some patterns would help. The templates that you get for Windows Store XAML projects violate the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) architectural principle, because every page has a back button and title section.  Rob has found a great way to simplify some of this “chrome” using Galasoft’s Open Source MVVM light, a simple navigation service, and dependency injection.  In this talk, Rob will show you how to implement this approach with minimum effort and talk about other benefits of using the MVVM pattern.

Speaker Bio:
Rob Streno (@robaticus) has been working with computers since the punched card and paper tape days, but he hasn’t let that hinder him too much. By day, he manages a team of technologists for BMW Financial Services. However, after the sun goes down and the kid’s are in bed, he develops software like a madman for Windows Phone, and now, Windows 8. Rob is also the proprietor, managing director, developer, and lead coffee boy for Serberys, LLC. In his spare time (what’s left of it), Rob enjoys playing games on the computer and thinking about zombies.

Topic 2:
Top 5 caveats for your Windows Store App!

Getting ready to push out your dream Windows 8 App to the Store? Hang on – until you see this. Samidip Basu (@samidip) covers the top 5 things you may be missing out doing right in your Windows 8 Store App!

Please RSVP on our Meetup site @ http://www.meetup.com/windowsdevug/. Come join us!


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