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annual savings made in data entry

4 days

to deploy an app that rehomed 100K refugees
- Bulgarian Gov


faster at building and deploying internal tools
- Schnellecke

Keep your teams productive and your data safe

Take control of your data

Work without worry – move data from spreadsheets and SaaS tools into your chosen database, and provide teams with secure access.

Integrate existing workflows

Finally, all your teams can work together in one place. Seamlessly integrate your existing datasets and workflows – only with Budibase.

Connect teams with data

Bring all your data and workflows together and create a shared source of truth. All your teams can work together, faster and smarter.

Self-managed deployments

Budibase is open-source and you can self-manage Budibase within your own infrastructure using Docker or Kubernetes.

Trusted by over 100,000 teams

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Support at every step

Priority support

We prioritize support queries from enterprise customers.

Support SLAs

We include a 2 business day support SLA with all enterprise contracts.

Transformation plan

We’ll deliver a tailored transformation plan - further information below.

Our proven approach to drive transformation

100,000 teams and counting

“Centralization of authentication, quick turnaround time for requests, integration with different database systems has given it the edge and it’s now used daily for internal development for those apps that you know you need but don’t feel value in losing days of development to reinvent the wheel.

Davide Lenzarini,
IT manager at Schnellecke

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