Create simple admin panels in minutes

Build simple admin panels, with clean designs, advanced functionality, and the power to deploy wherever you want.


Fully customize your admin panels’ design and functionality.

Go mobile

Budibase apps are fully mobile responsive.

Deploy anywhere

Choose from self-hosting on your own infrastructure or Budibase Cloud.

Control access

Create public or private admin panels (or a mix of both).

What is an admin panel?

An admin panel is a simple application, which allows users to manipulate databases from a front-end interface. This gives users the ability to carry out admin tasks, without needing the skills to edit databases manually. Admin panels can be deployed as a standalone app, to manage key business information, such as customer, membership, or inventory databases. Alternatively, admin panels can be used to manage users or other datasets within existing apps. For example, most retailers have an inventory database, which is automatically updated when a customer makes a purchase. They might then use an admin panel to manually alter this database, when stock is lost, damaged, or removed.

Building a simple admin panel in 4 steps


1. Connect to databases

Manipulate existing datasets, or use our internal database. Budibase offers full support for MySQL, Postgresql, CouchDB, MongoDB, Airtable, and more.


2. Design your admin panel

With the Budibase low-code editor, designing intuitive admin portals is a breeze. Use in-app theming to build beautiful panels in minutes.


3. Automate manual processes

Budibase includes a library of in-app automations to query, add, remove, and edit data. Use Zapier, Webhooks, and more to trigger automations in third-party apps.


4. Scale with grow

Budibase is built for scalability. Add users, functionality, and extra data fields, totally free of charge.

Why do companies use admin panels?

Admin panels are crucial for modern organizations. More than ever, businesses rely on up-to-date data for decision-making. Admin panels allow non-technical users to update and amend databases, in seconds. Users with the technical skills to update databases directly also benefit from effective admin panels, through improved workflows, and automated tasks. No matter what kind of data your business handles, admin panels are the most efficient way to manage database entries. Do you need a standalone admin panel to manage business data, or to improve administrative functions in an existing app? Budibase is the cost-effective way to build business tools.

Powerful yet simple admin panels from Budibase

With our intuitive low-code platform you can create deployable admin panels in minutes.

Multi-screen apps

Create beautiful, multi-screen admin panels to manage a range of tasks.

Access control

Use permissions to control what information and functions users can access.


Set conditions to display different design elements and fields.

Admin panel design

Choose from a number of beautiful admin themes, and customize them as you see fit.


Budibase offers a fully accessible user experience.

Responsive user interface

Create simple admin panels that look great on all screens and devices.

Email integration

Add your SMTP credentials and trigger automated emails from in-app actions.

Free SSO

SSO is free and unlimited for all Budibase users.

Even simple admin panels can be packed with functionality. Budibase is the most cost-effective and efficient way to deploy apps for streamlining admin workflows.

Deploy your admin panel

Budibase gives you the power to deploy admin panels on your own servers, our managed infrastructure, or with Budibase Cloud. Use admin panels as web apps, or as a user-friendly internal tool.

Free admin panel templates

Explore our favourite free admin panel templates. With Budibase's intuitive low-code platform, you can customize your design in just a few clicks.

Browse all admin panel templates

Admin panels that perfectly integrate and improve operations

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Why build an admin panel?

We’re biased, but we think Budibase is the most effective way to create an admin panel. Off-the-shelf solutions often limit functionality, lock users into their own ecosystem, or charge hidden fees.

Allow coworkers access to information

Allow coworkers to safely update data

Streamlined communications

Eliminating manual admin tasks

Automate manual processes

More and more often, large software providers charge a per-user subscription fee. As your business grows, this can turn into a substantial cost. Proprietary admin panels also make it difficult to add functionality or change how your app is hosted. In most cases, this means that building a custom admin panel is the better option.

Admin panel use cases

Admin panels have a wide range of applications. With integrations and automations, a simple admin panel can be used for everything from order management, to internal business operations. Both internal and client-facing admin panels are deployed by modern businesses across all sectors. Admin panels also integrate effectively with other kinds of business apps, including forms, portals, and approval management systems.

B2B admin panels

B2B admin panels are an effective way to save clients valuable time. Admin panels are an easy way for customers to manage their accounts, update their payment details, or alter regular orders.

B2C admin panels

B2C admin panels allow customers to edit accounts and personalize their experiences across all kinds of channels and apps. The most obvious examples of this are in the ecommerce space.

Internal admin panels

Internal admin panels are used to manage organizational data. For example, admin panels are often used by HR departments to allow employees to update or amend their personal details.

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