Build secure approval apps with or without coding

Budibase makes it easy to build effective approval workflow software in minutes. Our low-code builder offers a range of integrations, automations, and hosting options.

100% customizable

Build fully customized approval software in minutes.

Approve on the go

Budibase tools are fully mobile responsive.

Choose your hosting

Choose from self-hosting, Budibase Cloud, or managed infrastructure.

Control access

Use permissions to optimize approval workflows.

What is approval workflow software?

Almost every business process involves some kind of approval workflow. In a basic approval process, there are two steps. First, an employee submits a piece of work, request, or report. Then, the responsible manager reviews and signs off on this. Approval workflow software automates this process, sequentially managing each of the requisite steps. This gives clear oversight of the entire approval process, improving adoption and efficiency. An employee simply submits a request for approval, and the relevant team members are notified of the need to review it. Approval software gives a central tool for managing requests, without the need to discuss them in person. Businesses use approval software to manage all kinds of processes. For example, vacation requests, employee expenses, content marketing, invoices, equipment hire, resourcing, procurement, and more.

How to build approval apps in 4 simple steps


1. Connect your data

Budibase supports SQL, MongoDB, Airtable, and more. You can also use our built-in internal database.


2. Design your approval app

Brand and design your approval app, with our simple, low-code editor.


3. Automate manual processes

Add automations within your approval workflows, using Zapier, Webhooks, or our built-in JavaScript editor.


4. Scale with confidence

Budibase offers free SSO, advanced RBAC, and unlimited apps. Add users or build more apps, with no extra cost.

Why do companies need approval workflow software?

Approval workflows often lead to wasted time. Without automated systems, colleagues are forced to take avoidable calls and meetings to discuss requests. Projects can also be delayed, as employees can’t move on while waiting for approval. This leads to poor adherence to your internal processes. Employees might take shortcuts, or fail to follow your approval process properly. Approval management software removes these inefficiencies, as well as improving oversight and accountability.

Effective approval workflows with Budibase

At Budibase, our low-code builder makes it easy to build effective approval software in minutes.

Multi-screen apps

Create beautiful, multi-screen business applications

Access control

Assign different permissions to different users.


Create conditional UIs for streamlined user experiences.

Approval software design

Choose from a number of beautiful themes, with full customization.

Accessible components

All components / building blocks are accessibly tested

Apps work on all devices

Create business applications that work on all devices

Mobile approval software

Budibase apps are automatically mobile responsive.

Free SSO

SSO is free and unlimited for all Budibase users.

At Budibase, our mission is to make it quick and simple to build effective business tools. Our open-source platform is the smart way to build secure business apps.

Deploy your approval apps

When you build approval software with Budibase, you have the power to deploy anywhere. Choose from self-hosting, our managed infrastructure, or Budibase Cloud.

Free approval app templates

Explore our favourite free approval app templates. With Budibase's intuitive low-code platform, you can customize your design in just a few clicks.

Approval apps that perfectly integrate and improve operations

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Save time and money

Approval software reduces hidden operational costs. Automating workflows is the most effective way to build efficient internal processes, saving both time and money. With approval software from Budibase, you can optimize workflows with:

Instant approval requests

Intuitive user interfaces

Built-in form builder

Eliminating approval meetings

Streamlined communications

Easy integrations

Secure workflows

Of course, every business has unique internal processes. Many companies choose off-the-shelf approval software and are forced to compromise on their needs. Budibase allows you to tailor your approval software to your exact process requirements.

Open-source approval workflow solutions

Our open-source platform is the fast and effective way to build approval management software.

Expense reports

Allow employees to submit expense claims to your finance team in seconds.

Invoice approval

Submit, review and manage invoices within your approval workflow software, for simple audit trails.

Marketing approval

Use approval management software to gain sign-off on new marketing materials, to streamline your editorial process.

Client approval workflows

Upload completed work to your approval management software, and automatically send a review request to the customer.

Internal approval workflows

Approval workflow software is ideal for business process management. Automate leave requests, expense requests, etc.

Vendor approval workflows

Build approval software to streamline processes relating to invoicing, information requests, and more.

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