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Customer Account Portal Template | Budibase | Low-Code Platform

Efficient customer service is crucial for modern businesses. Lengthy customer interactions cost money and create negative experiences. This impacts your profitability, client experiences, and your customer retention rates.

One solution to this problem is empowering customers to manage their own accounts. This eliminates the need for customer interactions regarding common requests and queries. Cut operational costs and free your service agents up to deal with more complex issues.

We can achieve this with a custom client portal.

What is a customer account portal?

A customer account portal is a closed platform, which allows users to edit their personal details and payment information. The goal is to eliminate the need for customers to contact your team to carry out simple admin tasks and access various service options.

  • Beyond this basic functionality, many customer portal software solutions offer additional key features, including:
    • Order/subscription management,
    • Contact forms,
    • Exclusive content,
    • Knowledge base functionality and accessible information,
    • Access to support teams,
    • Integration with communication channels,
    • Personalized deals and offers.

Why do I need a customer account portal?

Businesses today operate in an increasingly competitive environment. On the one hand, new digital tools make it easier to streamline service workflows. On the other, customer experiences are an increasingly important decision factor.

Customer portals leverage both of these facts, to help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Use our customer account portal template to supercharge your customer experiences. Allow new and existing customers to take control over their accounts, and pick up some exclusive deals along the way.

What should a customer account portal contain?

The contents of customer account portals vary greatly from business to business. The key thing is to give customers the ability to make changes to any account or transaction details.

Depending on your business, this can include:

  • Personal information,
  • Payment details,
  • Contact preferences,
  • Order management,
  • Brand interactions,
  • And more.

For example, if you sell physical goods to customers, your customer portal should include order management functions. If you sell a service or digital product, customers should be able to manage their payments and subscription options.

Customer Account Portal Homescreen

Our customer account portal template

Our customer account portal template is designed to offer a deployable cloud-based self-service admin tool, in minutes.

Like all Budibase apps, our template offers:

  • Customizable design.
  • Customer service workflows.
  • Automations.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • Tiered permissions.
  • External database support.
  • Responsive design.
  • Flexible hosting & deployment.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Efficient processes.

Use our open-source, low-code customer portal to streamline your admin and customer service processes.

Self-service customer portals

Our customer account portal template is built to empower customers to manage their details, orders, and service queries. Our simple, intuitive interface allows even users with low digital skills to manage their own admin queries.

Our portal template features four data sets - Customer Details, Orders, Customer Offers, and Service Queries. Users can access different screens relating to each of these. Customers can edit their details, track and cancel orders, view personalized offers, and send customer service queries.

Cut admin time by giving your customers an easy-to-use portal, to handle the most common customer service issues.

Customer Account Portal - Manage Orders Screen

Multi-step account forms

We’ve designed an intuitive and simple interface for customers to manage their account details. When customers first access the platform, they’ll be prompted to enter their details. This creates a new record in the customer details database, allowing them to access other functions.

Existing customers can then use the Edit My Details screen to make changes to their accounts.

Here, a multi-step form gives users the option of editing their personal details, payment information, or both. Our template’s multi-step form interface streamlines the process of changing customer details, improving adoption rates.

Exclusive content and deals

Besides reducing admin costs, customer account portals are an excellent way to build brand loyalty. One of the most effective ways to do this is by offering exclusive content and deals within your portal.

Our template features a screen for displaying personalized offers to users. Customers can browse your latest deals, and use exclusive coupon codes to reward their loyalty.

With Budibase, you can build relationships between datasets, to tailor offers to individual customers. We’ve also provided a simple admin panel for your team to update and add new offers.

Exclusive Customer Offers Screen

Check out our free [content approval software](You might also like our client portal for accountants.) template.

Contact form

Of course, not every admin query can be handled with a self-service portal. For more complex issues, customers will need to contact your team. For these situations, we’ve created a simple contact form interface.

Customers can simply add the details of their query, along with their preferred contact details. Rather than waiting in a phone queue, the next available service agent can simply contact them.

Under the admin panel, your team can then manage and respond to queries. We’ve provided contact buttons under each query page, allowing your team to contact customers in seconds, using the mailto command.

Check out our call-back form template , for a standalone contact form app.

Custom functionality

Our template is built to expand and scale. With our open-source, low-code platform, you have complete control over your portal’s features and functionality. Even better, you can add new screens and functions in minutes.

Budibase offers a range of automations, integrations, data connectors, and a built-in JavaScript editor. Our platform gives users the power to create powerful custom portals, in a fraction of the time of traditional development.

Connect your customer account portal to external tools, including CRMs, softphones, inventory management tools, and more.

Process automation

Automating customer service processes is an effective way to streamline operations and improve customer experiences. Budibase features a wide range of built-in automations, as well as support for third-party tools.

Trigger internal and external automations, from any user action within our customer account portal template.

Use process automations to perfect your customer experiences. Automate everything from communications and relationship management to inventory and logistics management from actions in your customer portal.

Customer Account Portal Edit Details Screen

Access control

Naturally, your customers and your internal team will use your account portal differently. Our template features tiered permissions and access control. Maximize security and efficiency, by giving users the exact access they need.

Our template uses two permission tiers, with two additional levels built-in to the Budibase editor. You also have complete control to edit these or add additional permission tiers, based on your needs.

Tiered access allows you to protect users’ data, by limiting who can access different elements of your portal.

Responsive UI

Our template is fully mobile responsive. Like all Budibase apps, our customer account portal template automatically scales and resizes to display perfectly on different devices.

Whether your customers prefer to use your portal on mobile, desktop, or tablets, give them the same high-quality UX.

Maximize adoption of your customer account portal, allowing users to take it with them, wherever they go.

Build a customer account portal with Budibase

At Budibase, we’re building the world’s largest suite of business tools. Say goodbye to expensive custom developments, or subscription fees for off-the-shelf tools.

Build a customer account portal app with Budibase, and you’ll enjoy:

  • Open-source, low-code portals.
  • Scalability.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Access control.
  • Optional self-hosting.
  • Advanced security.
  • In-app automation.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Conditional UIs.
  • External database support.
  • Customization.
  • Built-in JavaScript editor.
  • Auto-generated screens.
  • Responsive design.

Budibase is the smart way to build custom business tools .

Customer Account Portal Contact Form UI

Open-source, low-code customer portals

Our low-code platform is completely open-source. We even offer free SSO across all of your self-hosted Budibase tools.

Even better, you’ll actually own the finished product.

Budibase gives you the tools you need to build your perfect customer portal, in minutes.

External data connectors

Budibase makes it easy to connect to existing tools and data sources. Query, manipulate, and edit existing datasets directly from your customer account portal.

We offer support for external database connection, using MySQL, Postgresql, S3, Airtable, MongoDB, CouchDB, Rest API, and more. We also offer a built-in database, for faster development and deployment.

Infinite customization

Customize any element of your portal’s design or functionality in minutes. With fully customizable data fields, forms, and UIs, Budibase makes it easy to build your perfect customer portal.

Tweak our template to match your company brand. Choose from our built-in design themes, and add branded elements, like logos, messaging, and color palettes in seconds.

Flexible hosting

Budibase gives you complete control over how your host and deploy your customer account portal. Choose from self-hosting or our dedicated Budibase Cloud hosting platform.

Self-host your Budibase tools using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more.

Third-party integrations

Customer portals are most effective when they sit seamlessly alongside existing tools. Budibase is built for external app integration. Use Webhooks, Zapier, and more to connect to a wide variety of third-party apps.

Maximize productivity by connecting your customer portal to order management tools CRMs, softphones, and other key customer service software.

Scalable customer portals

As your business grows and changes, it’s crucial that your customer portal evolves to meet new challenges. Whether this means adding capacity or implementing new features, Budibase is built for scalability.

Quickly deploy new features, without unnecessary service interruptions. At Budibase, we don’t charge hidden fees for developing additional self-hosted apps and tools.


Budibase has security at its core. With custom access control, free SSO, and support for common authentication tools, you’re in control over who accesses your portal.

Our open-source platform with option self-hosting is the smart way to build totally secure customer account portals.

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Budibase is the fast, cost-effective way to build custom software. Our open-source, low-code platform is changing the way that businesses build apps and tools.

Budibase is free forever, but we do offer premium support packages and SLAs for enterprise clients. Check out our pricing page to find out more.

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